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Teen Clean Soap

Teen Clean Soap

I bought Teen Clean and Avocado soaps for my face. The woman at the cash register said that you had made Teen Clean for your daughter’s face because it would dry out and break out. I have been looking for something to heal mine because mine does too! This soap is amazing. I will be buying more! The end result is great. May God bless you with much more success.
Dylan L.
My boys have always struggled with acne.  The teen clean not only helps keep their skin acne free, it doesn't dry out their faces like so many other products...So thankful we found you.
Annette F - Elgin, IL

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Teen Clean! I’ve struggled with bad skin for most of my life and finally found something that works! It took about a month for it to be fully effective for me, however, the wait is worth it!
Jenni T. – McHenry IL

My son uses the Teen Clean soap and it has helped his face tremendously.
Shery K. – Madison, AL

My grandkids LOVE your teen clean soap. It really helps with their breakouts. Thank you guys sooo much for a wonderful product. I also love all your products.
Lydia B. – Lakeland, FL

Teen Clean soap helps with adult skin problems too! Also love the lotion bar! The fragrances are wonderful!
Michelle D. – Ocilla, GA

Teen Clean has helped my son’s acne. And it’s a lot less expensive than some of the other products out there. Thank you for this great product.
Nancy S. – Ashburn, GA

The Teen Clean soap has truly helped my son’s face. He even asked me if I could get him some more. So obviously it’s working!
Kim B. – Barberton, OH

Love the Teen Clean soap. I haven’t found anything that helps my acne more than this soap, not even a prescription.
Belon P. – Cumming, GA

Teen clean soap helps with adult skin problems too!! Also love the lotion bar. The fragrances are wonderful.
Michelle D.

I bought a variety of products to try and I have not been disappointed. I was excited to see how many varieties of your soaps there were….I’m trying some new scents. Can’t wait to get my order!
Teresa O.

I love your products. My skin is sensitive/acne prone and I have used EVERYTHING as a cleanser, but nothing has my skin looking as good as your soap. I have had many friends and family compliment me!
Leslie B.

I wanted to let you know that the Teen Clean soap above all other natural products that my daughter has used really helped her tremendously with the acne on her face, chest shoulders and back area. You were definitely right when suggesting when we were vacationing earlier in the year in Tennessee. I just wish we had started using it sooner. She just opened it this past month, but we are impressed with the results. I just ordered 5 more bars. I will recommend to other mothers. Thank you!
Margarita B.

Absolutely love the teen soap! I have had skin problems for about 20 years now (not acne). Your Teen Clean soap has completely cleared my skin, resolving the problems that the expensive dermatologist prescribed creams and cleansers did
not! So happy to replace the chemical-based prescriptions with one made with tea tree oil. Since I’ve had such success using the Teen Clean, I’ve decided to try the Tea Tree and Calendula soap as well. Thanks Cindy!!
Louise B. – Lehigh Acres, FL

We bought some of your products to try and just loved them. My son has been using Teen Clean and yesterday asked if I could get some more for him. His acne has really been clearing up.
Barbara M. – Saint Cloud, FL

We love the soap we bought a few weeks ago. My son has battled acne for several years, going to the dermatologist for treatment. The Teen Clean soap has made such a difference and works better than any prescription he has tried.
Jane M. – Westerville, OH

My husband and I stopped into your store back in May of this year. My husband has been having trouble with acne and you suggested that he try a bar of the Teen Clean soap. I decided to test it out. Just a little touch of soap on wet hands provides an abundance of great lather. All that lather was easily rinsed and my face felt very clean. I don’t use bar soaps for my face though, so I decided to use it as a body soap instead.
I have been dealing with a condition called tinea versicolor since the early 80’s when I moved to Florida. In the past, I have used Selsun Blue shampoo when the spots/rash begin to appear. Out of curiosity, I have been using Teen Clean on my neck, chest and back when I shower each day. I’ve been using the soap for a little over a month now and the results have been fantastic. I am so glad that I have decided to use that bar of soap for myself. I would guess that the tea tree oil is a much gentler and safer alternative to the active ingredient in Selsun Blue or any of the medications I’ve had prescribed. I expect we’ll be stopping into your shop again on our next trip to Tennessee.
Louise B.

Teen Clean soap is so far working to help my son’s acne. He’s willing to keep using it and that is a testimonial on its own. Thanks for thinking about the young and their skin problems.
Nancy S. – Ashburn, GA

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