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I LOVE your deodorant!. It's the 1st one (and I've tried many of them) that works all day. I'm even using it at work, which I've never done without it being an antiperspirant, and I have no underarm smell at the end of the day. It will be getting a workout today as it will be 97 and even more tomorrow when it will be 92 and I will be outside at a company picnic. Thank you!
Sandra S. - Clinton Township, MI

I bought your deodorant when on vacation last week. Love it!  I had been using Toms & found myself reapplying it constantly throughout the day.  Bought yours & love it.  It sticks with me for my workouts, chasing after my kids & just the humid Missouri heat.  Now I'm going to have to start ordering this stuff in bulk to get free shipping! LOL!.  I've been telling ladies in my workout group about it so hopefully they check y'all out!!!! Thanks so much for such a great product!!!
Marcie R - Cape Girardeau, MO

I love, love LOVE, the Natural Deodorant! Ive tried several natural deodorants and always give up on them eventually. I hated smelling myself all day, LOL. But with your Natural Deodorant there is NO order and even though it's not an antiperspirant, I stay pretty dry. Misty Mountain Soap Natural Deodorant is more effective than the non-natural antiperspirant/deodorant I was using. I'm a fan!
Mickie G.

I made the switch to natural deodorants almost two years ago. The store brands either didn't work, burned my skin, or both. This stuff is amazing and gental. It's even better than any traditional product. I had to have my aunt bring back 4 sticks to last my daughter and I for the year. Thank you!
Lisa M.

Warning TMI: my sister and I have a terrible time with under arm odor, even after showering. We've tried every product out there. I've been a fan of MMS for awhile and when I saw the deodorant I decided to give it a try. One word: AMAZING!!!! I told my sister about it, she tried it, too and was ecstatic. I can apply it once every 24 hours and NO bad odor. We LOVE this stuff!!! Please don't ever stop making it. And I haven't noticed any sweating even though it's not an antiperspirant (I used it all summer). Best deodorant ever.
Jennifer B.

I am pleasantly shocked & amazed at your natural deodorant. I have tried everything and all but gave up on natural deodorants. I tested yours with great speculation only to find I can go all day in peak summer heat without worries. Thank you! I am telling everyone about it!
Vanessa B.

I want to tell you that I bought your deodorant at the Craft Fair in Gatlinburg recently. I normally use an essential oil type product but I had run out. I work out 2 - 3 mornings per week and one morning I noticed my own body odor which normally I don't have. It was offensive even to me and embarrassing too as there were about 15 - 17 people there. I started using your product and love it. I have never had a repeat of that bad experience since. Thanks.
Brandon M.

I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I love your new deodorant. I have struggled with this area my entire life - no joke or exaggeration! I constantly switch back and forth between deodorants and antiperspirants of different brands, even men's brands. Your deodorant works wonderfully; I never smell even after Crossfit workouts and 10 hour work days. Thank you for making a product that solves such major area of stress, stink and embarrassment!
Bethany B. - Seymour, IN

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