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Miscellaneous Reviews

Miscellaneous Reviews

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your products. I have the worse skin ever....always dry and burning. I am in love with the products if bought from your shop. My skin isn't burning any more. I can even put my clothes on without all of the heavy creams, etc. I am a sold out believer. Thank you again!
Sharon B.

I am an ICU nurse. In February, I purchased foaming soap and lotions for a patient who has been in our unit since December. She fell in love with your products just as I did.
Sara D. – Conway, SC

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I love your products. We come to your shop every year when we come to Gatlinburg. Can't wait to try everything new you have. My Mom and I love your soaps and use them all of the time. Keep up the good work. See you soon (counting the days)
Cindy S. 
There isn't a product that you make that I haven't liked. I have sensitive skin and can't use name brand soaps.
Angela C. - Powell, TN
Both my wife and myself use your products. They work better than anything we have ever used. We recommend them to people we know.
Virginia K. - Cincinnati, OH

I love the massage oil – lavender mist. Very relaxing.
Wendy W. – Bloomington, IN
Thank you all so much for the best products I've ever tried.
Debbie C. - Ponte Vedra, FL
The scent of a mountain meadow. I usually don't wear perfume, so my husband loves the scent when I use Mountain Berries hand cream or soap. Love your products.
Chris H - St. Simons Island, GA.
I love all of your products. Especially the Sweet Dreams soap, bath bombs and the Monoi Oil. Love the ALL! I look forward to visiting your store each time I'm there.
Christy C. - Manchester, TN
Found your guys at the Thanksgiving Craft event in Gatlinburg...Now I receive the newsletter - love your products...all of them!
Beverly H. - Woodstock, GA.
We first bumped into your products in a little shop at the end of one of the trails in the National Park. I forgot the name of the place! I fell in love with the scent first and then after returning home and using from time to time as a reminder of our trip. I cam to realize how superior it was to the lotion I had been using. I finally ran out and now I want to try ALL your products.
Mary D. - Madison, WI
Love your products. Keep as natural as possible. Since having cancer, I shy away from other perfumes.
Mary K. - Newport, KY.

I love you guys! Visiting your store was one of my favorite things about my trip to Gatlinburg. I was able to find the “earthy” scents that I love (which can be hard to find), and at a very good price and the vest thing was that it works! I’m a college student and it’s hard to find good affordable products, you guys saved my skin! The employees were also very nice, helpful and full of knowledge. Can’t wait to be able to visit again! Thank y’all!
Michele S. – Memphis, TN

Love your products. They smell great and I love how they make my skin feel so much softer.
Megan D. – Ocala, FL

Everyone needs to buy these soaps. The lotions are wonderful….and treat your significant other with the foot scrubs. WOW!
Linda D. , Marion, OH

Misty Mountain Soap Company was an incredible find this summer. Their products are extremely well-make and their scent is divine. My wife found many items she loved and stocked up for her girlfriends back home. Their products aren’t just for the girls so what is really worth saying is, I love their products and am now ordering them over the internet for me.
Rob R. – Hagerstown, MD

My skin is no longer dry, even during the winter.
Jean K. – Holland, MI

Love the soap, hand & body lotion, and body butter. Healing balm works great! Soap dish is a must, looks great and works great. Monoi de Tahiti is fantastic on face and hair. Thanks so much for your products and advice. Love your new store, great products, friendly and helpful employees. Even bought a great candle.
Joan F. – Mack, OH.

I’ve been using your products since I found you at the Florida State Fair. Everyone at my office “borrows” them and I send them to the website so they can enjoy them all the time!
Diana S. – Lakeland, FL

Thanks for making good natural products that don’t cost a lot of money! Have a great day!
Paula M.

You’ve got us hooked….your products are incredible. We are so glad to be able to purchase on-line.
Douglas B. – Calendonia, MI

Best products I have ever used!
Kim R. – Weaverville, NC

I have an allergy to a preservative found in most fragranced emulsions (lotions, shampoos, body washes). Since I found your products, I don’t have skin issues. And the fragrances are light, perfect for every day. Thanks so much.
Beth P. – Knoxville, TN

Your products, our fountain of youth!
Deborah E. – Johnson City, TN

Yours is the only product I can use that does not make me have an adverse reaction to any of the scents. They are wonderful.
June C. – Greensboro, Ga.

Great products. I come back to the store every year during an annual “girl’s getaway weekend” and order gifts throughout the year for friends and family.
Jennifer J. – Bloomfield, KY

My favorite scent is the Cherry Almond and Mountain Berries. The body butter, soaps and lip balms are wonderful. I have never received anything I did not like. I really love your handmade products and the fact that you love animals. Two good reasons to come back again.
Tanya K. k- Chicago, IL

At Christmas, your marvelous products made me very popular! Thank you again for making such amazing, delicious, skin nutritious goodies.
Susan-Marie B. – Greenville, SC

Love it. I have dishydrosis and this helps my broken skin. Absolutely love it.
Ike C. – Chattanooga, TN

My mother purchased a gift bag of your products for me at a craft fair in Tennessee. I’ve been an avid Bath and Body Works user for years. Your lotions, soaps and lotion bars (WHAT a great item) have them beat by a LONG SHOT!! My skin feels and looks wonderful. I have dry skin which itches, especially in the fall and winter months. Your products have made a HUGE difference. Thank you!
Elizabeth S. – Holly Springs, NC

LOVE your products. Always satisfied.
Beverly B. – Sun City Center, FL

Best products I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried plenty). Skin is soft, looks better and I’ve never smelled so good. Truly a miracle product and I’m not just throwing that out. I’ll never be buying those overhyped, overpriced department store products again.
Donna M.

I am absolutely hooked! The difference in my skin since using your products is amazing. Thanks for such great products.
Rachel G.

Cindy, as you know, I love your products. Thought I’d try the Aloe and Shea – I love it. Ordering more today. I too have been using it on my face. Wonderful stuff.
Susan S.

I love the soap, lotions, soap sacks and everything I have ever tried from your company. I like that you keep introducing new items and fragrances, yet you keep the old ones that I love so much.
Tami G.

I’m a frequent abuser (lol) of your products! As a physician who suffers from eczema, these are the only products that work for me! Thank you!!!!
Sharon M. – Williamsport, PA.

The soap sack is wonderful. It helps keep your skin smooth by removing dead skin while helping you save money by using “soap pieces” that you would normally not be able to use.
Cindy H. – Newnan, GA

The best quality, best fragrance and just best all-around products. Thanks always.
Jane S. – Lakeland, FL

I have been using your soaps, lotions and lip balms for 3 years and love all of your products. My husband, children, and grandchildren look forward to receiving them for Christmas and throughout the year. Thank you for your determination and hard work to bring us such wonderful, nourishing products!
Vickye H. – Strawberry Plains, TN

I love your stuff and I love that you deliver it promptly. Everyone I show it to loves it as well and I wind up giving it away and having to order more. Thanks for a great product.
Sandra L. – FL

Excellent service and wonderful products! I have never used anything that leaves my skin feeling this good. I’m hooked!!!!!
Teresa A. – Bowling Green, KY

Love your products because they are natural. Too many chemicals in other products on the market. Good for you. Thank you. Keep them natural!
Sandra K. – Newport, KY

Wonderful products. I love the fact that your products are all natural with no artificial anything. The moisturizing properties are incredible.
Janice L. – Westfield, NC

My daughter in law loves your products so much that one day while visiting she made me use all of the products she has gotten from your guys so far. I love the way the products made my skin feel so I am so excited to start my own collection of Misty Mountain products.
Lori H. – Landis, NC

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. I came in the summertime and purchased products from your shop and ever since I have been addicted to it. I love the way it makes my skin feel and smell. I have an American bulldog at home whose skin is very dry and he sheds like crazy. I decided to use the foaming sugar scrub on him and after I rubbed him down with the Caribbean Coconut lotion. I have been doing this to him every other week and his shedding has gone down by 75% and his dry sores on his elbows have healed up. He smells better too! I have brought your product into the spa that I work at and all the girls are thrilled.
Lisa W. – Wyandotte, MI

I won’t buy from anyone else.
Ken F. – Chattanooga, TN

LOVE your bath balls, soaps and lotions, all your stuff. I just tried your Mountain Energy bar soap after my last order and love it. So, I ordered LOTS of stuff of Mountain Energy.
Jodie R. – Robinson, IL

Awesome Stuff. Met you guys at a show probably 8 years ago. The best I have ever used.
Christina L. – Knoxville, TN

I use your products daily and I can visually track the healing effects of your lip balm, Herbal Healing Salve, Lotion Bars and Lotion, and I continue to spread the natural magic you bring about! Love Ya!
Susan-Marie B. – Greenville, SC

Your products are the best I have ever used. My skin has never been in such good condition including my feet. Yours is the first product to help me plus the fragrances are great. Besides loving your products, I have gotten my daughter and daughter-in-laws enjoying them. They can’t wait for birthdays and Christmas as Mom always gets something great for them.
Elaine S. – Toms River, NJ

I have been having really bad issues with eczema and your products have worked wonders. Even better than the prescribed steroid gel I was given.
David C. – Port Richey, FL

I purchased some of your products at the Craft Show in Gatlinburg. I have been using the body butter and lotion bar on my heels and the results are incredible. For a year I have been using prescription lotion from my doctor, which gave me minimal results. I need to know if you could send me information on all the products that are available. I would like to purchase some items for my daughter, who has the same foot problem I do.
Thank you,
Rita B.

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