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Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars

Love the mini-lotion bar. The citrus scent of Mountain Energy has spoiled me from using my regular lotion. It’s great!
Shirley J. – Johnson City, TN

I have been diabetic for 57 years. These are the only thing that I have found that keeps my finger tips from cracking and bleeding in winter. Great Product.
Louise J. - Sevierville, TN

I love the lotion bar in the circle cup for cracked heels. It does wonders. I started using it while I was there. I rub in around my heel when cleaned and put on socks overnight...heals the heels. Also I got soaps for my daughter with eczema and daughter-in-law with dry skin...I sent them to NY and Germany. They loved them.
Brenda H. - Brandon, MS

Several years ago, while in TN on vacation I purchased some of your lotion bars. I absolutely love it! I have been using it very sparingly because I didn't know when I was going to get back to gatlinburg. Tonight I decided to look to see if I could purchase it online. I am so happy to find out I can! I'm a Home Health therapist. I use a lot of hand sanitizer which dries my hands out terribly. The lotion bar is the best product I've found to help heal them. I will definitely be ordering some soon!
Reba W.

I just love the products I have received from you, especially the lotion bar. My skin is the driest ever, but your products for my feet and the lotion bar for my hands and body, have created a new smooth skin woman. My husband and I thank you. I’ve spread this information to some of the women in my church, I let them know I have found the fountain of loveliness for my skin and they can’t keep using my bar. Hope to order enough so as to try most everything. Thanks for your wonderful products, keep up the good work.
Mary T. – Ellenwood, GA

My husband loves the lotion bar. He works with tools and his hands are nice and soft!
Nancy D. – Lawrenceville, GA

The lotion bars are to die for! They are not greasy and absorb quickly, thus making your hands so soft and gentle!
Sheila D. – Cape Coral, FL

I shave my head daily…You lotion bar has been a life saver. I no longer have break outs since I have been using the lotion bar. My skin looks healthier and I have had compliments.
William H. – Greensboro, NC

Your lotion bar is the ONLY thing that has ever softened my rough heels…..its wonderful!!!! Thank you…Thank you…Thank you.
Carla T. – New Albany, OH

I received the lotion bar as a gift and was an instant addict.
Angela H. – Sacramento, CA

My daughter gave me the China Rain lotion bar for Christmas and I want you to know that it’s the best hand product I’ve ever used. My husband loves it as much as I do, and it has been difficult all these years to convince him to use anything on his hands. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Betty W. - Mobile, AL

I love your lotion bars. I work as a CT tech and the constant hand washing leaves my hands chapped and dried out. Bringing a bar back last year provided so much relief (especially in the winter). Thank you!
Chris L. – Monroe, Oh

I bought one of your lotion bars (China Rain) at the Jacobs Building back in November. My feet have NEVER been in better shape. It is really quite unbelievable.
Judy R. - Knoxville, TN

Love the lotion bar…I was very pleased. My nephew has eczema very bad and I ordered one of these for him. I hope it works for him. Thanks.
Renee A. – New Johnsonville, TN

Love your products! Well at least your lotion bar.
Denise R. – Travelers Rest, SC

This is the best stuff in the world for rough dry feet and hands. It heals deep cracks and softens the skin.
Charlotte G. – Vine Grove, KY

I have been using this lotion bar every night for several years and my hands and cuticles have never looked better.
Patty C. – St. Charles, MO

As a letter carries with the USPS, I needed a lotion for my hands that would really help protect and sooth my dry hands from working outside all day long. The lotion bars work great and I just love the Southern Belle scent. I am hooked on your products.
Donna V. – Decatur, GA

Your lotion bars have helped my hands which were cracking just like my heels. I give little samples to my friends so they can try and they also love it. The oatmeal soap is wonderful and has helped with my psoriasis.
Sharron J. – Hayden, AL

Cindy, I so love the lotion bars and my husband has seen a big improvement on his dry skin. It even surprised his doctor. So I’m ordering more for us and as gifts for others.
Patricia B – Richmond, IN

I gave my son the pocket size lotion bar. He works as a landscaper and he said, “this is the Best Stuff, Mom”.
Cheryl F – Ocala, FL

My Doctor said the lotion bar works for him to keep his hands from drying and cracking (he washes them so much).
Tina D – Maryville, TN

I have ordered a few things from you guys and I love everything I have tried…the soaps are amazing and I adore your lotion as well. I think my favorite product would have to be the lotion bard. I have very dry hands and the lotion bars work amazingly well on them. My kids love the lotion bars as well. I am so glad to find products that don’t have all the added chemicals and animal products in them but don’t cost an arm and a leg. Keep up the good work ladies!
Annette M. – Kannapolis, NC

Dear Cindy, I purchased your Almond Lotion bar at the Gatlinburg TN convention center this week. I am back home now, but had to e-mail you and tell you how much I like your products. They smell good enough to eat. In fact, when I showed my dog, Foxy, your soap, she took a big lick of it. See everyone loves your products. I will be sure to order more (on-line) when I run low. Even my brother loved the smell and feel of the lotion bar. Go figure. Thanks for providing a wonderful product.
Pamela W.

I love, love, love the lotion bars!!! This is the most wonderful moisturizer I have ever used!!! I put it on my elbows and after a few applications my elbows were as soft as a baby’s behind.
Rita W. – Livingston, LA

Here I am again to order more lotion bars. I got my first one as a stocking stuff. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these lotion bars. I have one here at work, one by my bed and one by my recliner. I am ordering these today to take with me on my missionary trip to Monterrey, Mexico to give as gifts. I am addicted to these lotion bars. I show everybody my smooth and soft elbows. I rub my feet at night with the body butter. Thank you so much for this wonderful product line.
Jane W. – Livingston, LA

The lotion bar is the most moisturizing and healing hand treatment I have ever used.
Jeanette J. – Dallas, GA

I’m still spreading Lotion Bar love --- at my school.
Susan-Marie B. – Greenville, SC

My husband works outside and during the winter his hands stay cracked and dry. His physician recommended that he use the lotion bar and they work great.
Sandy D. – Maryville, TN

My daughter works as a housekeeper in one of the motels in town. Your lotion bars are the ONLY thing we have found that will keep her hands from cracking and bleeding because of the harsh chemicals she uses to clean with.
Louise J. – Sevierville, TN

Bought some lotion bars and LOVE them….have had no cracked heels since I have been using them. Don’t think I can go wrong with any of your products.
Corinne G. – Lawrence, KS

This is the best find that I have ever had. I got my first lotion bar at a craft show in Gatlinburg, TN. I have always had problems with my hand cracking and bleeding. I used the lotion bar for a couple of days and my hands were already healing. I was really amazed at the difference the lotion bar had made. I had tried everything, even lotion from the doctor without any results. I took one of the bars to work with me and now my co-workers want to buy them. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble with dry skin. Thank you.
Beth W. – Bellaire, OH

Recently, I purchased a lotion bar at the Gatlinburg Craft Fair and I love it. I have had trouble with dry skin on my feet for years and this works better than anything I have ever tried. Thanks!
Carolyn W.

Hi Cindy – I got one of your lotion bars for my hands back in July at the craft fair in Gatlinburg. It’s called Mountain Herbs and it’s the best cream for my hands. They are healing!!!!
Doris C.

I want to let you know, I have a sister with severe eczema. She said the lotion bar I gave her for Christmas was the first thing that she’s used that was actually left her hands soft. She puts it on before bed and is amazed at how much better her hands are. Thanks!

I loved the way the lotion bars make my dry hands and feet feel just after using it for the first time. I have a thing about not having dry elbows, you see that a lot in older people. It works so good I wanted to try some of your other products like the body lotion and buy some for my friends and family.
Sheila R.

The lotion bar is the best thing I’ve found for keeping the dry skin on my hands lubricated and soft.
Judy R.

What a difference in how my skin feels since I have been using the lotion bars. I am spoiled now!
Vianna S. – Harrisburg, PA

I love your lotion bars. I work as a CT tech and the constant hand washing leaves my hands chapped and dried out. Bringing a bar back last year provided so much relief. (especially in the winter). Thank you, and I will be sure to order more once these run out!
Chris L. – Monroe OH

I bought a lotion bar recently and I love it! I’m ordering several products for my Mom for Mother’s Day. She has extreme sensitivities, so it’s “Unscented” and Avocado Soap for her!
Amber S.

This is the greatest lotion on the market for chapped feet (lotion bar). I can’t live without it, that’s why I am purchasing three now.
Sheryl H.

This is the 1st product that has helped my eczema in my scalp. No more breaking out like I used to! Thanks!
Gloria D. – Crown Point, IN

I bought a lotion bar from your booth at the state fair in Tampa. The winters in New York really dry out my hands. Your lotion bar not only kept my hands from cracking, it smoothed out my rough elbows.
Michael I.

I purchased your Lotion Bar at your booth in Gatlinburg when I overheard you telling another customer that it was very effective in healing and preventing cracked fingers. Since I have purchased and tried just about every product I ever came across or was told about I figured I might as well try one more. I have to tell you, this product really does work. This is the first winter in 35 plus years that my fingers are not cracked open and bleeding. In the past, I even had to resort to using Super Glue they were so bad. I have since reordered and will not be without your Lotion Bar. I also have several friends that are ordering as they have the same problem to some degree. L
L.E. Clark - MO

I am 54 yrs. young, I have had a dry cracking and peeling skin problem since I was 5 yrs. old. If you were to run your hand across my arm, the dry skin would drop to the floor like a bad case of dandruff. It not only itches at times but it peels off as if you had been sunburned. As co-worker of my daughters gave her a piece of the lotion bar for me to try. Man was I impressed. It not only helped my dry skin, it took away the peeling and softened the calluses on my feet from 35 years of wearing high heels. My fingers and my feet do not crack anymore. The best part of all is I do not have to use it every day or night. I have skipped as many as 5 days before I had to use it again. Doctors have prescribed so many lanolins, lotions, and creams that were a big waste of my money. This lotion bar is fantastic and does not leave a greasy residue. I am so impressed by this bar that I am ready to try the hand and body lotion. If it is successful, I will move onto the soaps. Misty Mountain you have a new customer for life. Yes Charlotte, there is a Santa Claus.
Sincerely, Not so flakey anymore,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Lotion Bar and Lip Balm that I purchased from your booth at the Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville. I use both of them every day and my hands and cuticles are so much softer. I love the Lip Balm because it stays on your lips longer while drinking my water at work during the day. I want to get some products for Xmas gifts for my friends and family.
Thanks for making good natural products that don’t cost a lot of money!
Have a great day!
Paula M.

Good morning! I have to brag on your lotion bar! I bought a bar last month when your husband was at the craft show in Gatlinburg. My daughter has eczema and he recommended Plain Jane. She is still getting used to the product, but when she uses it, we see an improvement. I work in a hospital and constantly wash my hands. You can imagine how dry my hands get. They were so dry that the skin at my knuckles began to crack. I would literally have to cover areas with band aids to avoid staph infections. I had been using some high priced lotion in between hand washings trying to heal my hands and prevent further dryness. It was not working. Then I thought about your bar! What a miracle product! My hands have healed and are soft again! Thank you sooo much! We will be returning customers!
Jennifer - Covington, GA

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products! My husband & I are currently getting our house ready to sell so I have been doing a lot of wall-paper stripping. Needless to say, my hands have really gotten dry. I have been using your lotion bar and body butter on my hands and I'm sure that's what has kept them from really getting in bad shape. I will be ordering more of your products when I run out of what I have.
Hope y'all had a great Christmas & New Years!

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