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Herbal Care Products

Herbal Care Products

I am prone to fever blisters after being in the sun.. They typically last 10 - 14 days.   I have tried every over the counter product and home remedy out there.   I bought a tube of your Herbal Healing Balm at the Craftsman Fair in Gatlinburg last week.  3 days later I woke up with a fever blister.  I used the healing balm on my lip and the fever blister was completely gone 2 days late!  It never dried up or got sore like they usually do.  My lip is soft and fever blister free.  I will be ordering more Healing Balm so I'm never without it.   I have loved your products for years.  Thank you for this miracle balm!

This stuff is AMAZING. My son has wicked seasonal exzema & your healing salve is not only the only thing that helps but it helps literally overnight.   Thank you....thank you....thank you.
Cari D. - Willington, CT

I love your Herbal Healing Balm.  My 13 year old dog gets hot spots that will get infected.  If I use this product at the onset of the spot, she will be healed in a matter of a day or two.  It is one product that I will make sure I always have on hand.  I would like a larger size since I can go through it in a very short time span.  I use it on my grandchildren, besides myself and my dog.   LOVE IT....LOVE IT.....LOVE IT!!!!!!
Marsha B.

I want the healing balm ASAP...My sis gave me some to put on a bug bite at our Labor Day cookout and I was amazed.  I usually itch for over a week....sometimes weeks.  That balm worked and the welts are gone.   She said that she got it at a craft fair (likely Fall Festival).  I am ordering a tin right now and hope to find you even sooner than it gets here.   Heck...I may buy a ton and take a bath in it.
Gayle B. - Maryville, TN

As a retired health care professional who is well aware of antibiotic bacteria, MRSA, I'm always looking for natural healing products.  During a recent injury, I used the herbal healing salve with excellent results.
Richard H. - Norwood, VA

I was in your shop recently and discovered your incredible Herbal Healing Balm.  At that time, I was so miserable with my upper lip.  It was chapped and also swollen.  Not even Vaseline relieved it.   I applied the Herbal Healing Balm about three times that day and overnight my lips were healed.  I now use it every night and my lips are amazing.  Let me tell you, I tried all the lip care products out there and nothing has worked before.  I was about to go to the doctor because nothing had healed the chapped condition that I had suffered for several months. 
Mary P. 

Your helpful staff showed me all the wonderful Herbal Healing lotions and salves for mine and my husband's eczema.  I haven't gotten as good results from anything else....including my prescriptions.
Tina C. - Wilmington, NC
I love the Herbal Healing Balm..It gets really dry where I live and the Herbal Healing balm is one of the few products that help my skin.
Gretchen S. - Lisle, IL
I met you several years ago at the Florida State Fair.  Every single product of yours that I have used, I have loved! From your doggie soap to your lotion bars, everything is just wonderful! The main reason I am writing today is to sing praises for your Herbal Healing products. I originally bought the Herbal Healing Balm at the State Fair. I figured I would use it if one of the kids got bit or stung with Poison Ivy, etc. It sat in my medicine cabinet for a few years virtually untouched. I pulled it out one day when I had a few nasty acne areas on my face that would not heal. I figured I'd try it out. I have to say that the results I have experienced with this product are truly amazing! I have fought acne throughout most of my adolescent and adult years and I have never found a product that could eradicate it. I had practically given up and then, by chance, used your Herbal Healing Balm. I just recently ordered the Herbal Healing Lotion. I use it morning and night and I have to say that my skin has NEVER been clearer! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am referring everyone I know that has these type of problems to Misty Mountain! 
Erin  A., FL 
Herbal Healing lotion works well for itching skin and poison ivy.
Pamela F. - St. Louis, MO
Love the Monoi de Tahiti oil, but my favorite product is the Herbal Healing Lotion.   I have allergies and my skin is always itchy.  This is the only lotion I have tried that helps my itchiness.
Jane B.  - Columbus, OH
I LOVE your products--Particularily the Healing Balm stick and the lotion bar and the sugar/salt scrubs.
Carol R. - Pfafftown, NC
I’m a walking mosquito magnet; A+ blood type is the curse I hear. I was eaten alive and my
stepmom threw me her healing balm stick after prescription strength cortisone left me in itchy-agony. A few seconds after rubbing on balm stick, my itching vanished like magic.
Amie D. – Atlanta, GA

The herbal healing balm is amazing. I get skin reactions to infusion medicine I have to take for
Crohn’s Disease. What a blessing to discover this. Many thanks.
Linda W. – Cincinnati, OH
My husband loves the Tea Tree Soap and we love the Healing Lotions because of the bites we get "down here" from all of our flying insects.
Clarissa G. - Apollo Beach, FL

While visiting your store, I read the testimonials about the Herbal Healing Lotion and decided to
try it. All the good things that were said about it are true! I have used this so often for various
skin abrasions, and it’s amazing. I knew for sure how good this lotion is after my fair-haired
husband forgot sunscreen and got a nasty sunburn after working in the sun too long. His burn was
awful. Our primary home is in Florida, and we have Aloe in our front yard, but I’m convinced using
your lotion helped to heal his sunburn within 2 days and no blistering. It’s wonderful. I just
need to remember to stock up when I’m there, because I’m afraid to run out!
Michele G. – Port St. Lucie, FL

My husband had a bad rash and blisters from a week long hike on the AT—this balm cleared him up in
3 days! It’s good for everything we’ve tried it for since, rash on my son’s face from rubbing on
his life jacket, chapped lips, bug bites, scratches….GREAT STUFF!
Christi M. – Clanton, AL

I love the products. I have been suffering with eczema for several years. The healing herbal balm,
along with the lotions have helped me overcome the itching.
Deborah D. – Lake Charles, LA

A friend gave me a sample that she had gotten in Tenn…I get bruises from taking a blood thinner
and it really seemed to clear them up faster. So I want to order more. Thank you!
Winifred P. – Land O’Lakes, FL

Amazing lotion healed up a dry patch on my foot that wouldn’t heal….even after visiting the
dermatologist and using steroid creams!
Elaine C. - Lexington, NC

I must have some more Herbal Healing Balm with mosquito season in full swing.
That stuff is the  bomb!
Kristal W. – Richmond, VA

I still swear by your products. Your Herbal Healing Salve is simply amazing. I game some to my
parents also.
Susan-Marie B. – Greenville, SC

I absolutely love the herbal healing lotion. I am a nurse and am constantly washing my hands which
stay very dry and my cuticles are awful….until I tried the cuticle balm and his lotion!!! OMG, Heaven for hands!
Cary K. – Mobile, AL

The healing salve is like magic. I love products that don’t have dangerous chemicals in them.
Susan P. – Knoxville, TN

I was here to visit the Smokies….just out shopping and got a bee sting. Somehow while shopping at
Misty Mountain, I purchased a Herbal Healing Balm to have around for emergencies. I used the
Healing Balm on my bee sting. After 2 days…no swelling. I’m sold on this product. Also, the Bug-Be
Gone lotion is great.
Helen – Cincinnati, OH

Love your stuff.. Repeat buyer and the Herbal Healing Lotion is the best for my Husband’s dry
hands…..he doesn’t want to buy anything else.
Angela S. – Independence, KY

My husband and I are huge fans of your products! I wanted to share something exciting. My husband
and I are ballroom dancers and our feet go through the ringer. I developed a planter’s wart on
my heel about eight years ago. I had it frozen every two week for over a year, bought very
expensive prescriptions, and used probably every product at the drugstore.
I even tried duct tape! My doctor said it would need to be cut out or I would have to learn to live
with it. I purchased the Herbal Healing Balm from your and placed it on my heel each night before
going to bed and wore a cotton sock. IN less than two weeks, it was completely gone. I could not
believe it. Thank you so much!
Susan O. –

Herbal Healing Balm - My daughter has eczema and this is the first product that actually cleared
it up. Her hands are noticeably softer and smoother since using this.
Alison C. – Edwardsville, Il

There is nothing I’ve found greater than the Herbal Healing Balm! It’s a must for every family.
Cindi D. – Grayson, GA

I’m a nurse and wash my hands constantly. I have problems with my hands literally cracking
open and bleeding. I have tried herbal healing ointment and my hands were completely well in 3 days.
Totally amazing!
Julie B. – Gray TN

I absolutely am in love with the herbal healing balm. I had cracked fingertips from cleaning out
loads of paper at home and I purchased this at a local craft show. I used it one night only and the
next morning my fingertips not only did not hurt any longer, they were on their way to healing. I
will not be without this product ever.
Ann M. – Columbia, SC

Your herbal healing lotion is the greatest product. It should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.
Whenever I have an ache or pain, I rub that on it and it may not take all the pain away but it
curbs it and sometimes it all disappears. It takes away all the itching like mosquito bites of
poison ivy, etc. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I love all the products.
Lil A. – The Villages, FL

My husband takes blood thinners and everything he touches makes a bruise. Both arms had dark blue
and black bruises on them. I bought some of your products and one was the herbal healing lotions.
He rubbed the lotion on his arms and in 3 days one arm was healed from bruising. The other one is
looking a lot better. We love your products.
Betty S. – Scottsville, KY

I just recently started using the Healing Balm on my lips. It has been wonderful for my fever
blisters. Thank you so much.
Mandi – Seymour, TN

I used the healing balm on age spots both crusty and raised with amazing results. I was preparing
to go to the dermatologist but after using the balm for several days/weeks there was no need.
Thanks for a wonderful product.
Aneita B.

I have had a persistent itching problem for more than a decade on my left forearm, which I believe
was started by wind and sun damage. I have tried numerous products year after year and only found
temporary relief at best. The problem of itching often kept me awake at nights. I purchased your
product Herbal Healing Balm at the Florida Fair. Once I applied it, I found immediate relief and
a healing process began. I returned to your booth several days later to buy more because I felt I had
finally found something that worked. I am thrilled to report that the area has healed remarkably
and I have not more itching. I am so thankful to you for a product that works.

Hi Cindy, the healing balm has greatly healed my scar from knee surgery and a psoriasis patch on
his arm. We really like the product and I will be using it on my other knee in late July.
Sandra N.

Thank you Cindy. Since I wrote you we have showered (yeah) and love the soaps. My teenager used
his teen clean tonight and thought it was wonderful. My 8 year-old would not go to bed without his
herbal balm on his poison ivy. Great products, we are so glad we found you.

Husband and daughter both used one of the herbal healing sticks after many other products which had
not worked, and loved it.
Mary B.

My daughter and I saw you at the Florida State Fair in Tampa in February. We bought some herbal
healing lotion along with some teen clean soap. Both of these products have worked extremely well
for her and we’d like to order more.
Sandy B.

My husband had a wound on the side of his foot that would not heal. After antibiotic from his
doctor I ordered the healing salve and within two weeks, the open wound was healed. Love your
Twila S.

Just wanted to thank you for the small sample of healing balm on Saturday. I’ve put it on some of
my skin irritations last night before bed and they have not bothered me today. I’ve used the
Lavender Mist Hand and Body lotion on the dry skin spots on my hand and they are 95% of the way
healed up. This is a great product at a reasonable price. The lip balm is great and I will
definitely be trying more of your products in the future. Thank you for your kindness.
Holly D.

Herbal Healing Salve - We use cloth diapers and the healing balm is a great product for baby’s
diaper rash! We love this product for his little bum.
Holly N. – Randleman,

Fabulous products, especially the healing balm. I had pulled a muscle in my calf and after
applying this product, my pain went away. Needless to say, I am ordering more.
Sandra B. – Venice FL

The Healing Salve has been working for my husband.
Susan C. – Durham, NC

I bought some of your herbal healing lotion at the Gatlinburg Craft Fair. I bruise easily due to
medication and have tried various expensive lotions and balms to help heal the bruising. None of
them worked. The healing lotion was great and not only helped heal the bruises, but conditioned my
Nancy B. – Port Orange, FL.

Not sure if anyone has told you, but the Herbal Healing Lotion is great for ant bites. I stepped
into a red ant’s nest and was covered with bites. I went inside and grabbed my healing lotion for
some type of relief and within minutes the burning and itching had stopped and instead of large
whelps, within ½ hour I only had red spots where I had been bitten. I will definitely keep this on
hand for insect bites.
Deanna B. – John Island, SC

I have lymphoma and had been suffering with blisters on my hands for over a year. I addition, any
little cut or scratch would turn into a major sore. The lad in the store suggested I try the
Herbal Healing Lotion. Since I was familiar with the
healing properties of calendula and love rosemary, I quickly bought some. It has proven to be
better than any of the meds that the doctors had tried. Thanks to all!
Kitty L. – Taylorsville, KY.

I would like to send praise for the Herbal Healing Salve. I have to wear a CPAP every night and
the nose ―pillows‖ irritate my nose. I was looking like Rudolph for a while until I tried the
salve. I put it on before putting the mask on and it has solved the problem. I have been searching
for a solution to this problem for over a year, have even tried prescription salves, but this works
better than anything I have tried. I told the people who supply the CPAP equipment about it and
they took down your info to share with another patient that is having the same problem. The tube,
like lipstick, works best. Thank you. I am so glad to find a solution to this annoying problem.
Carol H.

We use cloth diapers and the healing balm is a great product for baby’s diaper rash! We love the
product for his little bum!
Holly N. – Randleman, NC

My daughter has eczema and this is the first product that actually cleared it up. Her hands are
noticeably softer and smoother since using this.
Alison C – Edwardsville, Il

Love your stuff! Repeat buyer and the Herbal Healing lotion is the best for my Husband’s dry
hands…he doesn’t buy anything else.
Angela S. – Independence, KY

We recently went hiking in the Smoky Mountains. My son came home with some sort of rash on his
shin, where he had likely walked through something near the trail. He used the 'Herbal Healing
Balm' on the area, and it immediately reduced the itching. He applied the balm a few more times
that day, and the rash was gone by the next day. We also love your 'Bug-B-Gone' product. Thanks
Cindy, for having such an excellent product line.
Carmela W.---Bloomfield Township, MI

Hi Cindy! I met you at the recent Gatlinburg Craft Fair. You gave me a sample of a ―healing balm‖
in a small plastic Ziploc type bag. I have had remarkably good results on a place on my face that
has not healed in 2 ½ years. When removing bandage after cataract surgery a small area was pulled
off and though I have consulted and been treated over 2 years now with Dermatologist-Plastic
Surgeons it just never has healed. The balm is I really believe going to completely heal it. I need
to buy some and have you ship it to me a.s.a.p.
Ethel C.

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