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Handcrafted Soaps

Handcrafted Soaps

I LOVE the soap and the lotion. I have bought hand-made soap for years, and this is my favorite by far.
Carol W. - Iowa City, IA

Bought your soap and I love it! I am a cancer survivor and have dry skin from chemo and radiation. This soap has help my skin so much. LOVE IT!
Cecelia W. - Cleveland, AL
Great Products. I purchased the avodado soap and unscented lotion. The soap leaves your skin very soft.
Susan K. - Ocala, FL
Absolutely love the soaps!! Discovered them while vacationing last summer...Now a repeat customer.
Gregory W. - Livonia, MI
Avocado soap works great for eczema. Works great on my 1 year old grandbaby. His skin no longer appears scaly or rough like sandpaper. His skin is softer and moisturized.
Melanie R. - New Iberia, LA
As a past soaper, I was impressed with your soap and also the fact that your lotion base is your own recipe....I miss doing all that!
Rosemary O. - Winter Haven, FL
When in your shop, your employees noticed that I had an active case of Poison Ivy on my hand and offered small samples of your Plain Ol Lye soap and Herbal Healing Salve. I have had poison ivy or oak somewhere on my body for about 2 months. I have sensitive skin and I am extremely allergic. Normally I would require a prescription to stop the rash but since I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis I am trying to avoid taking Prednisone. I think I have officially tried every alternative treatment imaginable (including another brand of homemade lye soap).
I used your soap and the healing salve as soon as we got home and within two days my hand was healing! I had some smaller spots on my arms and legs and those are healing too. In fact, the spots on my legs had survived every other treatment I used and never showed any improvement, but are not completely gone. Coincidence? I think not!!! Thankfully, we are nearly out of the other brand of lye soap, which is the product that my husband uses daily. Though the other brand is slightly less expensive, we usually have to throw away about a third of the bar once we get do the middle since it seems to lose it effectiveness. The texture of your soap seems more consistent throughout. It also lathers and smells better. How thankful we are to have stumbled upon your shop during our annual trip to Tennessee. Thanks for making such wonderful products.
Louise B. -
While in your store I purchased some sea salt scrub and you included a soap sample. I tried the hand soap and LOVED IT! My hands smelled great for a long time after I washed them :) Thank you so much. I like the product so much that I am buying soap for my office staff at school.
Mindy H - Mattawan, MI

Your products are great. You can smell the aroma long after showering with your soaps.
Brenda G. – Tavares, FL

I have tried to get your soap duplicated, but it is impossible. Your soap makes bathing an uplifting experience.
Brenda G. – Tavares, FL

I just LOVE this soap! Keep up the great work. I am a “new” loyal fan.
Jeanine S. – Brandon, FL

I have eczema and have tried every cream you can buy and nothing has completely helped. I use cortisone cream several times every day to keep it under control a little. I bought your avocado soap at the Gatlinburg craft show and started using it. I have not had to use any cream since I have been using this soap and have had no itching or ugly break out of eczema! I am amazed and thrilled. Thank you so much!
Linda N. – Louisville, KY

Love the products I have tried so far! The avocado soap is wonderful as a facial soap!
Rita S. – Hendersonville, TN

Your soaps are the most amazing I have ever tried!
Vanessa G. – Bristol, WI

Dear Cindy,
You have managed to put the Smoky Mountains into a soap. I love the Smokies and my family and I come down at least once a year more if I can manage it. The Smoky Mountains have a very unique smell that I have not found in other parks and it’s a small I can’t get enough of, then I walked into your shop and picked up Mountain Woods and I was so excited! Now I can bring the mountains home with me, and every day when I take my shower, I am transported back to the Smokies. Thank you so much.
P.S. – The healing balm works wonders.
Toni A –

We bought 5 different types of soap and massage oil. They are wonderful. Makes you feel clean and fresh without a film on your body. Thumbs up on the oil too!
Linda T. – Gurley, AL

I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your soaps are. The fragrance lasts until the very last sliver. When I go into the bathroom, it is filled with such a pleasant and fresh smell. Don’t ever change them. All of the ones that I have tried are great.
Alice L. – KY

Love the products. I will never bath with any other soap. My skin has never been so smooth and exfoliated.
Vianne S. – Harrisburg, PA

Love your soaps. Fragrances are wonderful and I feel so clean and fresh no matter what scent I use. Keep on making soaps!
Linc H. – Sarasota, FL

This soap is wonderful!!!!!! I don’t even have to use any lotion after I use the soap! Saves on time!!!! Thank you!
Debi F. – Haines City, FL

I found out about your product when talking to my friend who stopped in your store, she is from Kentucky and her son loves your acne soap. Thanks!
Pam P. – Centennial, CO

I love your products! Last time I tried the Avocado Soap (among others)---you really CAN shave with it!
Joy B. – Park Forest, IL

I love this soap---it’s good for the environment, it’s good for my skin and it smells wonderful.
Marcia M. – Knoxville, TN

Your soap and healing salve is excellent. We purchased some of your products on vacation for gifts and also a few things for ourselves. We have tried many types of locally made and commercial natural soaps and lotions and I make some of my own salves in my work for my personal use. The quality of your products in terms of how they make you feel and also their healing qualities are superior! So glad that we found you when we visited Gatlinburg this past April!
Susie G. – Emmitsburg, MA

Love your soaps, lather better than ordinary soaps or shower gels. Makes my skin feel softer.
Kathleen M. – Rutledge, TN

I love your soaps! They are the first “homemade” soaps that I have truly been pleased with. I will be in Gatlinburg the second weekend in April for the Woman of Joy and cannot wait to stop by your store!!!
Valorie W. – Bradley, SC

Nothing smells as nice or feels as good as YOUR fabulous soaps! My sensitive skin tolerates it beautifully…I am SO glad I found you.
Betty W. – Mobile, AL

I love your soaps. I don’t and would not use any other soap. A great product.
Henry D. – Rochester Hills, MI

Ever since I started using your soaps and lotions, I only buy soap and lotion from you. My co-workers use some Monoi de Tahiti lotion and they like this lotion and want to order some for themselves. I have one lady the e-mail address.
Marilynn J. – Gulfport, MS

Ever since I bought some of your soap a couple of years ago in Gatlinburg, I’ve been hooked. My favorite is Mountain Berries.
Melinda M. – Cumming, GA

This is without a doubt the best soap ever. I have sensitive skin and this makes it feel so silky and clean.
Sheryl S. – Clemmons, NC

The avocado soap and the lotion without fragrance are the only products I use on my face. I have very sensitive skin, and your products are wonderful.
Renee D. – Bartlett, TN

Since I started using your soaps, my eczema is completely gone……used to have it all over my neck and back. I used to visit the dermatologist regularly with all sorts of skin problems….I use your soaps….the healing balm is great for some of my skin problems as well. Thank you!
Elaine C. – Lexington, NC

My husband and I love your soap. We can’t use any store bought soap now. I got hooked on your Lavender Soap and my husband had surgery back in November and used my soap…now he is hooked too! So I am ordering him some manly scents to try. LOL!!! Thanks, we hope to visit your shop this spring.
Kathy F. – Pisgah Forest, NC

Love your soaps. Your soap leaves my skin so soft with such a light fragrance. The bar of soap lasts a long time and lathers so nicely.
Shelia H. – West Union, OH

I love the Mountain Energy soap and hand lotion. It leaves my skin feel so fresh and soft. When I use the hand lotion everyone around me makes a comment on how great it smells.
Kathy H. – North Muskegon, MI

Love your soaps an sugar scrubs. They leave your skin soft and smelling great.
Rita M. – Lafayette, IN

The only products I use come from your shop. The soap is never drying, long lasting scents and no bathtub rings! A great way to de-stress with aromatherapy.
Laura R. – Bardstown – KY

I recently purchased some of your products at the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair. My 4 year old daughter suffers from eczema and the Avocado Bar Soap worked wonders on her skin. She actually laughed because the “squishy” that I got for her. Her skin was clearer the very next day. I also go the Unscented Lotion Bar for her. What a wonderful product! She loves to use it because it’s something she can use on her own.

I love your products! I have sensitive skin and it’s been noticeably healthier since using your soap. Thanks!
Janet H.

The Mountain Energy soap is my favorite “flavor”. Even my 14 year old grandson told me how good I smelled and asked if he could use the soap.
Terri N. – Saylorsburg, PA

The Oatmeal Soap is wonderful for my sensitive skin!!! Anxious to try the Avocado and now the Healing Balm!!!
Felicia B.

The Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap is the only soap that keeps my face clear. It’s WONDERFUL! Thanks.
David S. - Unicoi, TN

I love the Mountain Energy soap. After showering, it relaxes me and my skin feels so smooth, and the fragrance is so soothing.
Margaret U. – Ceresco, MI

I have tried to get your soap duplicated, but it is impossible. Your soap makes bathing an uplifting experience.
Brenda G. – Tavares, FL

Wonderful soaps! My skin feels great and the scents are heavenly! I am addicted. I have used your soaps for 4 or 5 years and loved it from the start. You can really tell the difference.
Roni T. – Poland, NY

I love your products! My skin is sensitive/acne prone and I have used EVERYTHING as a cleanser, but nothing has my skin looking as good as your soap. I have had many friends and family compliment me!
Leslie B. – Lawrenceville, GA

Your soaps are the best, I have introduced my sister in Alaska to your products. She raves about the healing balms.
Diane G. – St. Louis, MO

I love your soaps. Don’t think I will ever use anything else.
Katharine B. – Elkmont, AL

I cannot tell you how thrilled that I can order on-line. I always buy homemade soaps and yours is by far the best I’ve ever bought. Keep up the great work!
Cheryl W.

I just want to take a moment and tell you how great your soap is. Natural soaps clean so much better than the commercial ones. I had been using Avon cleansers. When I use your soap, my skin is literally squeaky clean. I did a quick test and washed my face once with the Avon and once with yours. When I rubbed a cleansing pad on my face after using the Avon, it still showed make up on it. When I used your soap, it came clean. My face hasn’t broke out either. Your soap makes my bathroom smell so good even when it’s just sitting in the soap dish. I hope you keep making it!
Heidi M. – Knoxville, TN

Love the Avocado Soap…I have never found ANY soap that I can use on my face until I found your avocado soap. I love it. I have very sensitive skin and love that it doesn’t break me out of dry me out…Thanks.
Bonnie A – Lafayette, IN

I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your soaps are. The fragrance lasts until the very last sliver. When I go into the bathroom, it is filled with such a pleasant and fresh smell. Don’t ever change them.
Alice L. - Kentucky

Hello, I met you at an art fair in Knoxville. I have to tell you how impressed I am with your soap. It’s awesome! The whole bathroom smells great and the scent actually lingers on my skin. And it even lasts a lot longer than I thought it would, so I don’t feel guilty buying more. Thanks for a truly unique product, I love it.
Joy B.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think the soap I ordered are. First off, I just love the China Rain soap and body butter. The soap lathers so fast and rinses out quickly leaving my skin so clean and soft.
I purchased Blackberry Sage soap and Mountain Berries Lip therapy at a craft fair in Gatlinburg, Tn. I am very happy with the products I’ve purchased and only wish I had bought more. My skin has never felt so soft. Your products have a delicate fragrance that doesn’t overpower. I’m a big fan. Thanks!

Cindy, my very dry facial skin has required me to buy expensive soaps. I have used that soap for many years. I bought one of the bars of soap from you at the Gatlinburg craft fair. I tried it as body soap first and was pleasantly pleased. Then I tried it on my face. My face is very, very sensitive to any soap. I was shocked to find that my face was not allergic to your soap. It leaves my skin clean and supple. My body is not as dry after I shower now. I hope you keep producing your products for a long time to come. Thank you!
Carol – Smithville, TN

I love your products! I have sensitive skin and it’s been noticeably healthier since using your soap. The lotion bar is great for dry feet - it will make a great, practical gift! Thanks!
Janet H.

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap helped my rosacea!
Nancy K.

I love your products. I have been using the avocado bar and my skin feels great. Thanks you.!
Dana S. – Jackson, AL

I love Misty Mountain Soap! I use it and keep soap sampler sets on hand for gift giving.
Vickie C.

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