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Doggie Soap Shampoo

Doggie Soap Shampoo

I have to tell you that I had hesitated to buy the dog soap, but we’ve been using it on our 2 border collies (lots of hair) and it’s the best we’ve ever used. Rinsed easily and their coats were so soft. Will re-order soon!
Celeste B.

Great product....My poodle has terrible allergies. This product has been wonderful for his skin. I have found nothing like it. He used to go to the vet frequently for allergy shots. By using this product, in the last year he only had to get 2 allergy shots vs having to get them every month and a half. Thanks.
Cristal S. - Mountain City, TN

I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know that I love your doggie shampoo!! I recently adopted a Boxer mix from our local shelter and couldn't wait to give her a bath with the doggie shampoo bar! Her "shelter odor" as I call it, was completely gone after 1 good scrubbing, and the texture of her fur after her bath was like night and day! Her coat is so soft now.! What a wonderful product! I'm hooked, and I love the fact that it laters so well!!!!
Lindsey H.

Your Dog Bar is exceptional! Best thing we’ve ever used. Don’t need flea and tick….No scratching. Used on Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terrier and Blue Tick Hound.
Steven O. – Greenback, TN
My dog, Miss KD has always had sensitive skin and the doggie shampoo bar is the only shampoo that we can use on her. No itching, no flaking, her coat is beautiful and she smells clean....not like perfume. LOVE IT.
Thanks for such a wonderful product.
Lorry K. - Brookville, IN
We love it. I also buy your Doggie Soap. Her skin has never been better.
Katherine F. - Charlotte, NC
We have a Giant Schnauzer and my husband says the bar is so much easier to use than bottle dog shampoo when trying to hold a very energetic large dog and bath her. She also smells so good!
Rebecca L. - Leesville, LA

My husband and I are huge fans of your products! My dog loves his Doggie Shampoo too!
Susan O.

I just love your products! Especially the dog soap for my Chihuahua, Gracie Mae. She has sensitive skin and was always scratching until I started bathing her with this soap.
Donna V. – Decatur, Ga.

I don’t know if you ever post testimonials on your site, but I just had to let you know how much I like the Doggy Shampoo Soap. We adopted a retired racing greyhound about 3 months ago. Greyhounds don’t need much bathing because they have very little body fat, so they don’t smell like other dogs and their skin is usually dry. However, our greyhound loves to jog, so we go our every day for a nice, long run. After the first month, I noticed that his feet were so stinky that I had a hard time being near him.  I tried washing his feet with natural dog shampoos, regular dog shampoos and gentle soap. Nothing worked to get rid of the smell. I resorted to the old skunk remedy of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dog shampoo. I didn’t like it much and he really didn’t like because it stung. But it was the only thing that got rid of the smell.  Until I bought your dog shampoo! I just used it for the first time on his stinky feet. Wonderful!!! The soap really does work. His feet now smell like the herbs in the soap, not that awful sweaty, dirt smell!!! I just had to let you know because I’m so glad to find something that is gentle and natural, but effective.
Renee D.

I bought a sample soap pack along with Doggie soap for my sister’s dog. I have now adopted a puppy and will not wash her with any other soap. I love how clean both the girls feel afterwards and they stay smelling fresher longer. Thank you. I really love your products.
Patricia C.

The doggie soap is just wonderful! It lathers fast and rinses out very quick. Since I do not use any chemicals on my dogs at all, I love that the fragrances in the doggie soap keep the fleas off. Thank you so very much for such wonderful products and I will continue doing business with you.
Donna H.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your products. I noticed your booth at the craft show In Gatlinburg in October. I bought the Purely Peppermint, Teen Clean, and Doggie Soaps. I was pleasantly surprised. The fragrances are wonderful. I absolutely love the peppermint. It is very invigorating. The fragrance really wakes you up. I am very cautious buying products because I seem to be allergic to so many things. With this soap, I did not have any reactions and it actually improved the moisture level of my skin. Also, I bought the doggie soap because I have a dog with severe allergies. I have tried everything from specialty shampoos to baby shampoo. The doggie soap rinsed clean and she is having fewer reactions. Thank you for making great products. I look forward to my next order. Sincerely,
Jeannine H.

Love all your products….especially Doggie Soap and the soap sacks.
Karen W. – Huntsville, AL

My dogs have very sensitive skin and I LOVE the doggie soap bars. I have tried many other soaps for them and this is the only one I have found that does not bother their skin.
Diana B. – Lakeland, FL

The Doggie Soap is the only soap our neighbor’s Golden Retriever is not allergic to.
Cheryl S. – Kentwood, MI

I love your Doggie Shampoo. It is the only thing I have found that completely deodorized, as well as softens their fur. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!
Leslie L. – Pineville, LA

The dog shampoo soap bar is the greatest. Better than store bought dog bottled shampoos.
Joanne C. – Jacksonville, FL

Love the dog shampoo! Our friends comment on our dog’s beautiful coat every time they see her.
Lorriane K. – Brookville, IN

I am hooked on your product and the doggie soap works so well on my Chihuahua, Gracie Mae, who has sensitive dry skin. She has stopped scratching after her bath now. Thank you for such a great, all natural product.
Donna V. – Decatur, GA

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